New review of Lisa Sanchez/Jon Eriksen Quartet CD by Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

LISA SANCHEZ-JON ERIKSEN QUARTET: I’ve always said (and will continue to) that when a player is also able to do vocals, their performances will be far above singers who don’t (also) play… Lisa’s guitar is svelte and sultry, as is her voice, and when that’s paired up with Jon’s excellent vibraphone, harmonica and vocal work, you have a combination that can’t be beat… you’ll definitely hear what I’m saying as you listen to the jaunty 4:43 “Favela“… simple and uncomplicated, their playing (and singing) is totally accessible for listeners of any stripe; the drum work from Jack Dorsey and bass by Rich Girard round this tune out to be among the best you’ll hear in 2017!
The players are all veterans of the Bay Area jazz scene, and are especially “bright” on tunes like the gently swaying opener, “Waters of March“… Lisa’s vocal intro leads right into a great set of Latin rhythms that grabs your attention without you even knowing it happened… & when Jon’s harp kicks in at just over the two minute mark, you’ll think you’re listening to Toots Thielman… the keyword here is “lively”… this track will easily make the top of the charts & stay there for a good long time.
Of the ten superb performances, it is (easily) “Some Other Time” that is my pick for personal favorite… the quartet’s “pacing” is perfect, so laid-back you won’t even realize they’ve captured your heart (as well as your ears) and won’t be letting go for awhile… the guitar lead-in to Jon’s harmonica is (again) excellent, and all the other players have a chance to shine on this 6:30 gem. I give Lisa & Jon and their cohorts a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this magic session. Get more information on Lisa’s web page for the album.  —-Improvijazzation Nation

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LISA SANCHEZ-JON ERIKSEN QUARTET: Leave it to working Bay area jazzbos to know how to make a comfortable set that somehow finds samba, Sinatra soundtrack work and “Frasier’s” closing theme all reside easily next to each other. With club tested chops at the core, this crew knows how to get and keep attention focused until they are ready to end the proceedings. There might not be any rough edges, but you cant really call this smooth jazz. Call it a good time that keeps going long after the record is finished. Well done throughout.
Chris Spector – Midwest Record Review

San Francisco Bay Area guitarist & vocalist